Imbalu goes to Makerere Cultural Gala

At the stroke of 5:30 pm on Saturday November 1st, the cultural gala was at its peak as the adjudicators of the day gracefully pronounced Basoga Nseete students association as the overall winners of the hotly contested gala.

At this juncture, tears of those who had unsuccessfully made it to top the gala were washed away by an ecstatic event of the Imbalu organized by the Bamasaba Makerere University Students Association (BAMUSA).

Students threaten Makerere Don's life over retakes

A group of anonymous students from the College of Education and External Studies (CEES) of Makerere University, have threatened the life of one of their lecturers, over claims that he awarded them retakes in their final year exams.

A letter dated 19th October, 2014 was dropped in Michael Walimbwa’s office, at the Makerere University, CEES.