Many Students See No Need for Course Outlines


"We have never used course outlines in our entire lives yet at times, we pass more than the students who use them, and read ahead."

A section of students has spoken out on the relevance of course outlines to their learning activities and performance in courses. Many of these do not see the relevance of course outlines, because they still can follow the course and perform well even without them.

I Sell Bras to Pay Tuition – Mak Student

Meet a Makerere University student who hawks bras to fund her tution.

A third-year student of Makerere University moves from place to place vending bras to raise money for her tuition.

Nakawooya Anisha, from the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) says it was a decision she took to push herself through school.

Students Excited Over Extended Deadline for Writing Assignments


Bachelor of Journalism and Communication second year students are excited over the news of extension of the deadline of presenting their stories.

In the watsapp group BJCO Year 2 Day, Mr. Imokola John Baptist, one of the lecturers who teach the course unit News Writing, Reporting and Production 1 (JCO 2103) broke the news indicating the postponement of the period of submitting news stories, which was welcomed by a number of students.