I really loved him but...

I stared at him, absent minded and blankly. Why couldn't I feel anything. The shivers and the blushes I got whenever I saw him were no more. I couldn't explain how I felt,but one thing I knew for sure, was that he was too late.

Reality had slapped me on the face. I had moved on. The words I was dying to hear, didn't rise my adrenalin levels. Maybe I waited for a very long period and I lost hope, perhaps I fought very hard and I had finally accepted my fate.

Nyaka Aids Foundation: How one man's idea is transforming lives of thousands

To most children in Uganda, when parents pass on, that marks the end of their education journeys, and children in Kanungu district haven't been any different.

With increasing number of orphans whose parents have died of HIV/Aids in Kanungu, a one Jackson Twesigye Kaguri started the Nyaka Aids Foundation in the district, to enable hundreds of these children access education.

Makerere closure: student leaders give govt last warning

Makerere University Guild President Roy Ssembogga with his fellow student leaders have given government a two-day ultimatum to reopen the campus or they organise a one-million march to Parliament.

Speaking during a guild press conference held at Makerere university Guest house today at 10am, Ssembogga said the closure of the university deprived students of their right to education. He added that this is totally unfair for students who have fully paid their tuition but are held up in this situation.