Turkish Attempted Coup: Timeline Of Events As They Unfolded

Yesterday there was an attempted coup in Turkey and  below is a timeline of breaking events as they unfolded. All times in GMT as reported by Reuters, starting with the latest. The president Tayyip Erdogan says he is still in power.

2226 - Two loud explosions heard in center of Turkish capital

2208 - Tanks surround Turkish parliament building, open fire. Gunfire heard at Istanbul airport.

South Sudan Closes Nimule Boarder, Thousands Blocked From Crossing To Uganda

Thousands of refugees fleeing violence in South Sudan will have to wait a bit longer after their government ordered for the closure of land and air exits.

Among the blocked land exits is Nimule border that would bring about 50,000 internally displaced nationals into Uganda and neighboring countries.

To enforce this, troops have been deployed to block civilians
fleeing the war-torn Juba.

Makerere Fails Bomb-scare Test Again, Staff, Students Cautioned

The Anti-Terrorism Police has risen concerns about the security levels in Makerere University after staff and students failed to respond to a bomb scare siren.

The siren, which went off at about 10:30am in the main building which  houses offices of the top administrators and the main hall, on Friday, was switched on by security personnel after he found out an unidentified bag suspected to be containing a bomb.