One Dies In Ambulance As Roads Get Closed To Give Museveni Way


One person reportedly died in an ambulance after all roads around Clock Tower were blocked to give way to Museveni motorcade.

The ambulance was coming from the side of Kansanga-Ggaba road heading to Mulago national referral hospital last Friday. The dead couldn’t be identified by press time, but the news was broken by the relatives that were in the hospital wagon.

It was later reported by traffic police that Museveni was going to attend the launch of the cars and motorcycle washers' Sacco in Katanga - a suburb in Kampala.

After Adolescence Crushes That Women Experience! They Too Drive Crazy


The definition of love can't be clear to all as everyone defines it in their own way. But according to most of the girls, love is a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure.

But there is this crush that drives a woman crazy at any stage. It's never characterized by age, colour, status, but the feelings that make a lead.

Is There Corporate Class In Uganda?


When you hear the word "corporate" in Uganda and elsewhere in the world, suits, expensive cars and very educated people come to your mind. 

Some of this is true about the popular high class white collar ratio of people that Mun G made reference to in his song.  But still, it’s not all Gucci and Hugo Boss in the offices, at least not in Uganda anyway.

Whereas self employed business men and women dictate when to open for work, an employee at Vision Group cannot do that. They are expected to work every day, starting as early as 8am.