Ismail Kasozi: I will involve parents in strikes

"Rasta" during an interview


 Ismail kasozi is a second-year student, doing a bachelors degree in Industrial and Fine Art (BIFA), for his second degree after a bachelors in Performing Arts. He is currently the president of industrial art and fine arts.

He went to KDS primary school, Buddo S.S for O-level and London school of St.Lawrence before joining Makerere University.

He boosts of a talented life style as a young man including singing, being a guitarist, an actor under Mariam Ndagire, hair stylist, technician, a car pimp, owns a saloon among many others.

Mak Guild Race: I Will Gladly Lead Demonstrations - Simon Ssenyonga

Who is Simon Ssenyonga?

Simon Ssenyonga is a third year student of Makerere University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in law. I went to City Parents School-Sir Apollo Kagwa, Seeta High school for o-level and Nalya for A- level.

I have a humble background of leadership and so I have served Makerere University not only within its political circles but also the civic society.

Am also a born again Christian.

You are a good dancer, you made nice moves at Primetime@ the pool, what else do people don’t know about you?

What Makes One A Lady?

Do you want to be treated like a lady? Have you wondered why you do not command the respect? Well, our reporter, Njuna Yvonne highlights what you need to consider to become a lady;

1. Mind Your Posture

A lady should not seek for attention but rather command it. And attention is not just given to whoever wants it but one who deserves it. A little things or a mere appearance of a lady communicates a lot Lady-like values is what any gentleman would look for in a lady and it gives comfort to anyone near you only if you behave like a lady