When chucking your girlfriend becomes costly

If only cheating guys were made to pay for their sins, perhaps, this world would be a better place for the ladies. This is how Sarah, in a letter broke up with her cheating guy, Jim. Ladies, borrow a leaf.
“Baby let me put it straight; I want us to end this relationship. I cannot be with you anymore. But before I say goodbye, I want to make some requests that are more less demands, known to you. This is as payment for my time that you wasted ,and for making a fool of me in front of our parents.

Spoilt by mentor

Davis Muhoozi (not real name), had it all. Born in 1994, he grew to be superior in every way-he was exceptionally bright and talented, and had an unusually charming personality. Davis completed his A-level education at KISUBI high school passing with excellent grades, and he promptly joined a brokerage firm during his vacation. He was ambitious and did little more than work.

Blame the spouses not marriage

By Alliance Bora
Most times I think am one of the very few people who still believe in the value of marriage. With the changing trends, I would not blame anyone for thinking marriage is useless because society and social media prove to us every single day that marriage is just a wastage of time and money.