Mourners eulogizing Emmanuel Batanda
Written by: 
Rebecca Nalumansi


St. Andrew Kagwa Gombe High School has has suspended all holiday academic activities, after the death of their Head of Science Department, Emmanuel Batanda. Batanda died in an accident with five others last week while heading to Lugazi for burial, when a vehicle they were travelling in overturned as they dodged a trailor.

The major activity that has been affected is lessons for the candidate classes, that had been scheduled to take place during the holiday as they prepare for the last term.

Candidates say they don't  know what is going to happen next because they had not yet completed the syllabus. Brenda Mukyala, a senior six candidate is worried because Batanda could give them all the time in preparation for the final exams.

The Deputy Headteacher of the School, Samuel Mulindwa says this has created a huge gap in their school. "He is irreplaceable. He was so encouraging and all his students passed very well. We have lost great man," he added.

During a church service held at St. John's Kirinya Church of Uganda to celebrate Batanda's life, his cousin Isaac Kyentabona said Batanda was so supportive to him and loved him to the fullest. "I received the news while we were on our way to the tour in the West. This is really so hard for me, I am always going to miss you, Emma," he said.

Batanda first taught at Mackay Memorial College, Nateete and later went to St. Andrew Kagwa Gombe High School, which is part of the Gombe Education Services. Other schools in the group include Scooby-Doo Daycare and Nursery School and Gombe Junior School