Makerere Calls For Public Discussion About Proposed Fees Policy

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Makerere University admistractors have called upon the general public and the institution's stakeholders to give in their views about the proposed new fees policy.

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice- Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration said the proposed policy has been uploaded to the University's website to ensure a variety of opinions in the debate so that the policy becomes one that is not imposed, but agreed upon.

The policy is to start working by the beginning of the next academic year 2016/2017

Under the new proposals discussed on Friday last week by the Institution's top management officials and the stakeholders' committee, students will be required to pay a commitment fee of Shs 200,000 at the beginning of each semester. They are also required to pay the remaining tuition using one of the three "Window Policies" that are as follows:

In window one option, students will be required to pay all tuition and functional fees by the end of the sixth week of a semester, and get fully registered

In window two, students are required to pay the entire tuition, functional fees plus a late payment charge equivalent to 5% of the supposed-to-be fees of the whole semester, by the end of the 12th week.

In this third window, students who opt for it are to pay through a monthly payment plan yet to be established. The policy says that it's only reserved for students who raise tuition by working, and have documents to show they are actually employed.