Makerere administration speaks out on suspension of students

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Makerere University administration, through the public relations officer Ritah Namisango, has this evening come out to explain today's suspension of 15 students.

According to Namisango, the vice chancellor, currently John Ddumba-Ssentamu, has all the rights to take action against any student.

"The VC has powers to suspend a student from the University or to discipline him in any manner he thinks fit and seek approval of his actions at the next meeting of the University Disciplinary Committee," reads the communiqué that has been released this evening at 6pm.

The communiqué follows a wider public and students' outcry over what they term as dictatorship, following suspension of 15 students who last week took part in a strike against the quality of meals served in the various halls of residence.

According to a suspension letter that journalism@mak has seen, the students are accused of destroying property during the strike and 'stealing' about 200 forks belonging to Venus Meals, a company that was contracted to provide food to students in 2014.

The suspension has since caused a sombre mood at campus with many students agitating for a massive strike to compel the administration reverse its action.

During today's lunch time, students of Mitchell and University Hall boycotted lunch that is served at the latter's dinning hall. Students argued that the managers of Venus Meals enterprise are behind the suspension of their fellows, even when they know the meals are really of poor quality.

"Venus should leave this campus today. We are not going to eat their food again until they leave. How can you say that students who ere striking in the suspension evening broke plastic cups? Is that possible? what were cups for at that time," one student argued.

For now, the suspended students may still stay home until the disciplinary committee sits.