Makerere Student Makes Tear Gas Out Of Sugar

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Samuel Magarura aka Falcao, a fourth-year Chemistry student at Makerere University, has left his fellows surpised when he unveiled his new innovation of tear gas made from sugar.

Mugarura demonstrated the one-man innovation from Caltec Academy play ground today morning.

During the one-hour event, Mugarura said his IED tear gas is less toxic compared to the one being used by police nowadays.

He added that the tear gas is made up of ingredients that are at everyone's disposal, yet it's very effective.

“This tear gas is made up of sugar, salt, food color, etc. which has no chemicals that can cause health complications like the one being used by the police today,” he explained.

The University Hall resident also said he is working on Smoke bombs but lacks facilitation and therefore called upon the government to financially support his projects.

“My dream is to make Uganda a nuclear country just like other countries e.g. South Korea, Russia, among others. So, its high time we as Ugandans to also take a lead in Africa as a nuclear country by supporting my nuclear project,” he pleaded to government.

Mugarura's innovation is now among the major ones at Makerere which include the Kiira Ev, Kayoola Bus, all electronic cars that were made by students from the College of Engineering, Art, Design and Technology (Cedat).

The university is yet to approve Mugarura's innovation.