How to Reply Individual Messages, Bold, Italicize Text in WhatsApp Group

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With the increasing need to use social media, people are now more interested in accuracy and making the whole thing look more real.

With this in mind, Whatsapp, a now giant social media platform, has in its latest version, allowed each member in a group to reply to an individual message in that group so that even those who find the messages already posted, can be in position to respond to particular issues raised when they were offline.

On top of this, there is a provision of formatting the messages and change the way they look.


  1. For bold, add asterisks to either side of your text, e.g. *bold*
  2. To italicise, add underscores either side, e.g. _italics_
  3. To strikethrough text add tildes either side, e.g. ~tilde~

It's also possible to combine the new formats, such as _*bolditalics*_.

How to reply individual messages

Thanks to the new update from the WhatsApp Messenger. Download version 2.16.119 for this facility. Go to a group.  In this example I will seek service from a group named - Friends Coffee House. 

2. Long press on the message that you want to reply and click on the icon that is encircled in the below screenshot. For iOS, long press and click on the reply option. 

3. Write the message that you want to reply and click send icon.

4. You could then see the message as displayed below.

So today, you learned how to reply to individual messages in a WhatsApp group... alwasy keep around for more updates like this one.