Makerere guild speaker shifts offices to private room in Livingstone

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Imran Kasujja, the speaker of the 82nd guild government has shifted his offices from the guild offices to a private room in Livingstone hall, citing discomfort as the cause.

According to Kasujja, the environment at the guild offices isn't comfortable anymore to allow him conduct his duties effectively as a leader.

Kasujja has also intimated that he has already given back the keys of his office to the guild administrator, adding that he will only be only be appearing at the premises when he is invited by the guild president or when he has fixed an appointment there with some one.

However, Jothan Yamu Burobuto, the Prime minister and custodian of guild properties, Kasujja’s issues are very new to him and he promised to work on them so that he returns to his office.

"As the custodian of guild properties, it's my role to see that every guild member occupying a particular office is comfortable," said Burobuto.

Burobuto further added that a guild speaker is an important figure in the success of any guild government a reason he cant sit down and see his shift from the office.

Collins Namara, GRC University Hall says that he is fine with the speaker having his office any where he feels comfortable provided it’s with in reach of any member of the guild.

Jonan Twinamatsiko, the GRC school of bio sciences however says that this is not professional and he wouldn't meet the speaker at his hall Livingstone or FEMA for official reasons outside the guild offices premises.

It should be remembered that late night on Saturday 8th October 2016 , the university was surprised with the sudden resignation of Yosam Bagumirabingi as minister of ICT sighting non students influence in guild activities, and unfavourable environment in the guild cabinet as some of the reasons for his resignation.