Bukedde newspaper pinned number one enemy to Buganda Kingdom

Written by: 
Ruth Nakafuuma

A newly released document by Noah Kiyimba the minister of Information in Buganda has pinned Bukedde as a number one enemy of the kingdom for circulating biased and inaccurate information.

The document issued out on October 18, titled "Ekiwandiiko Ekitongole ku Nkola y'ettoffaali" (an official statement about the importance of Ettoffaali) was responding to a story published by a Bukedde newspaper on  October 17

The newspaper had a front page heading reading "Kabaka Aweze Okusonda Ettoffaali".  This meant that Kabaka had suspended the collection of ettoffaali in Buganda.

The document explains that the stoppage on the collection of Ettoffaali was not directed by the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi as the paper had reported,  but by Kattikiro Charles Peter Mayiiga himself.

Kiyimba added that this came as a result to the influx work load assigned to the Kattikiro which has hindered his concentration on the collection of Ettoffali.

"Mr  Charles Peter Mayiiga does a lot of work on behalf of the Kabaka. And people should know that Ettoffaali is not the major role and only work done by Kattikiro," reads the document in part.
The document also hints on a number of of things achieved from Ettoffali. Among the listed include the complete renovation of Wamala Tombs,  building of 64-acred fence of Kasubi Tombs,  self-contained houses for Abazaana ,  solar power and large water reservoir tanks at Kasub Tombs.

Masengere building and the Buganda affiliated television BBS Terefayina are among the fruits of Ettoffali.

The Buganda spokes person has asked people to stay calm and patient regarding the completion of Kasubi tombs commonly known as Amasiiro since its roof, Muzibu Azaala Mpanga requires keen compliance to the norms affiliated to building it.

The document finally calls upon people to ignore information published by Bukedde newspaper since it has clearly been identified  as an enemy to the kingdom.

"We caution Baganda to critically analyse stories published in Bukedde as these stories are only intended to inflict hatred among Buganda towards their Kabaka," the document further reads.

However, this isn't the first time Bukedde newspapers has been on loggerheads with Buganda kingdom. In the past years the newspaper reported a false story about the mother of kabaka's son- Ssemakookiro and Baganda were argued not to buy their copies untill when they apologized.