Love Matters: I Refuse Football To Win My Hubby's Heart!

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I refuse to run mad. Football will not take away my sanity. I repeat: I will not run mad. Why would I allow football to torture me? Or why would I allow it to worry me? Better yet, why would I allow it to give me headache?

Football will not break my yolk. I will not run mad just because he loves football, I refuse too. I will not be it's victim. Football and I just need to cooperation. I know he loves you more, sometimes, but as co-wives, we need to find a way of making him happy, without us fighting or quarrelling.

Sharing him wouldn't be bad, but I can't stand it when he loves you more. He thinks you will not break his heart, but you do it sometimes -
when his team loses.

You and I have to work together to make him happy. What I am trying to mean is that don't interrupt me when I am having good time with him! Why would you have to be there at midnight? For heaven's sake, its my time to be cuddled?

And why are u always there over the weekend? It's our leisure time! I refuse to run mad! I don't envy you nor do I hate you, but we have to respect each other's time. We just have to be the sweet co-wives. I accept you, and I will not run mad. I will support the team he is supporting, but, secretly,I will be supporting Arsenal.

I will get anxious and excited when his team is playing, but secretly, I will be wishing for the game to end. We will celebrate together, but secretly, I will be wishing for my own time. I refuse to run mad!

My dear, we will watch those games together. I will not stay alone at home to wait for you, but we will go together to watch it, and since I also love football, wouldn't it be better if we watch it together at home? I refuse to run mad!

We will debate, cram those names, and listen to transfers together. I will do anything to get along with you, because I refuse to run mad.