Reasons why Makerere student has withdrawn from EALA race are shocking

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Jothan Burobubuto, a former acting guild president of Makerere has finally withdrawn from East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) race, according to his letter to speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

According to Burobuto, there are several reasons why he has stepped out of the race, even when he sees himself as having the potential. The reasons for the withdrawal are in his unedited letter below:

Madam Speaker I write to inform you that after consideration of a number of factors I have come to a painful but well informed decision to withdraw from the race for EALA Member of Parliament whose election is scheduled for 28th February 2017.

My name is Jothan Yamureebire also known as Burobuto I am a Ugandan of 24 years. I have served in many leadership positions key of them being President of Makerere Law Society, 82nd Guild Prime Minister, and 81st Guild Speaker and also Acting Guild President of Makerere University for 7 months. I am a member of the East African Youth Ambassadorial platform. A forum that brings together youth interested in the integration agenda from all the East African countries

Rt Hon Speaker I joined this race with the hope of bringing to the fore the need to involve young people especially those between 18-30 years in the integration agenda.

Fundamentally these are the future of the East African Community. So any attempts to fast track the process of the integration regardless of its tremendous and numerous advantages without a proactive and assertive sensitization and educative campaign of these advantages to the public especially the young people could supplant the danger of the collapse of the integration in the near future. This is because the current crop of young people which will certainly be in charge of our national agenda then would not have been equipped with the concept of the integration agenda.

Madam Speaker my approach to the integration agenda would have been an outward ideology as opposed to the inward approach. There is absolutely no doubt that as Uganda we would be seeking honorable members who can legislate for Uganda’s best interest in EALA (inward approach) however the most of sound and well thought out laws will not and can not be the foundation for the sustainability and long life span of the East African Community. The only guarantee for the survival of the integration is and can only be the good will of all the peoples of East Africa towards the integration agenda. The process of integration must be rooted in the people like our motto one people one destiny. For it is only when people are empowered to appreciate the advantages of a customs union, common market, monetary union and lastly political federation that we can confidently assert that the community will survive for eternity.

As of now the Wanainchi and especially the young generation are extremely detached from this integration agenda. The integration process is being conducted by the political elite of the nation and such a situation is not sustainable.

If I had the chance to serve as the member of parliament of EALA on top of looking out for Uganda’s interest in the assembly I would have become an aggressive ambassador of the East African community in our Uganda society especially the young society. I would have embarked on the sensitization and education campaign about EALA for the next five years as a marketing/ sales manager trying to find market for this product the East African community , we need a co-operate affairs, marketing sales approach to diffuse the ideology of EAC into our Ugandan society .

Seeing that I am just a young man of 24 years, soon graduating from campus with no big responsibilities, this would have been my focus for the five years of my career, service to the nation Uganda through marketing of the EAC integration agenda. For you can not milk a cow you don’t feed grass and expect tangible results.

Madam Speaker, however unfortunately due to the experiences I have gone through on my campaign journey towards that aim, I am more than convinced that perhaps this might not be my or/and our time as young people because of the abominable attitude of the electorate (members if parliament) towards young people commonly known as the youth and their (electorate) funny characters and mannerisms.

Rt Hon, in the last days of my campaign I have wished I had heeded to the advice given me not to peep in the elders’ bedroom, but curiosity got the better of me. A peep into the bedroom of the elders (your generation) has left me dumbfounded, confused, humiliated greatly embarrassed as a child of these elders.(MPs)
The behavior of most of the Members of Parliament that being the electorate has left me with a bleeding heart and blurred vision for the future of our nation. The arrogance and greedy exhibited by these MPs to most of the candidates is disgusting, preposterous and ridiculous to say the least. Obviously there are those that are a good crop however the majority unfortunately are a bad crop. Madam Speaker it’s unfortunate that the nation especially us the young people are relying on such a house to steer the course of our nation.

Also suffice to note is the fact that up to now just about two weeks to the election in as much as Article 50 of the EAC treaty gives some semblance of guidelines to follow in coming up with the nine members of each state to the assembly, supported or aided by the cases of Jacob Oulanyah and Anor vs AG and Hon Mukasa Mbide and Anor Vs AG and Anor supported by the amendment in the guidelines that requires the Speaker to ensure that all shades of opinion are represented , there has been no clarity as to how the nine members will be selected. No wonder there is a lot of speculation and bickering amongst the elders (within and amongst political parties) about whom, how the other is entitled to the share of the nine slots.

Madam Speaker clarity from your office would have done a lot in combating this irrelevant rumor mongering, gossiping , speculation on matters are of a very fundamental importance to the nation unless am the only one that thinks EALA is so.

As I withdraw my candidature I go away determined to undertake two tasks;

Firstly, I will engage my fellow young people and other stake holders that believe in the out ward ideology or approach to the integration agenda, so that we forge a way on how we make our contribution to the realization of the vision and mission of the East African Community Agenda:

Secondly and perhaps most importantly I will certainly share with my fellow young people the disgusting experience I have been shocked with after peeping into the elders’ bedroom. Certainly as young people we will not sit by and see our nation plunged to the dogs by self seeking, arrogant,selfish and greedy elders (members of parliament). We will start mobilizing to ensure that we fight for space in all ways possible to ensure we have a seat at the table discussing and charting the course of our dear nation Uganda especially if your honorables do not change their behavior.

Madam Speaker through you however allow me extend my utmost gratitude to the following members of parliament (these are part of the good crop). Honorables Tayebwa Thomas , Ssewungu Joseph, Centenay Robert , Byarugaba Alex, Ssemuli Anthony , Amoding Monicah , Kasumba Patrick, Turyahikayo Paul, Gerald Karuhanga, Chris B, Amongin Jackline , Allot Ogen Felix, Masiko Winifred , Baguma M,S, Muheirwe Daniel , Beatrice R Rwakojoo R.G, Ayebazibwe Justine , Kiiza Stecia, Guma David. On behalf of young people I thank these members for not only having given me audience but went further to nominate me for this noble position and also thank all the others that gave me an ear as well.

Rt Hon Speaker I look forward to an audience with you so that I can share some of the horrifying experiences I had with your honorables so that perhaps you can counsel and educate them about the magnitude of the title and stature they hold in the nation.