Kakande finally speaks out on 'holy rice'

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Following viral media reports that Samuel Kakande has introduced holy rice that costs Shs 50,000 a kilogram, the synagogue church of all nations prophet has today termed the 'news' as a hoax.

During the church service, Kakande wondered how tabloids and several news sites could run such a story, without any basis and tarnish his name in such a way.

"Those are the words of the enemies, me I don't mind about them and I'm going forward," he calmly told the congregation.

"How can I introduce such a thing and no one knows about it in the church here? Those are just enemies of this church."

He added that the hoax could have been circulated by people he stopped from bringing food and drinks into the the synagogue.

According to one of the church members who demanded anonymity, previously, the sick and children would always be given food when they turned up for prayers. However, this was suddenly stopped, after several believers, who are still in Mulago battling for their lives, were reported to have consumed poisoned food stuffs and drinks.