Demand for services after fully paying tuition - Makerere GRCs told

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Jackie Ayorekire the head of revenue at Makerere University has restrained the Guild Representative Councillors (GRCs) from making demands before fully clearing their fees.

During the new fees policy sensitization review meeting that was held from the senior council room yesterday, Ayorekire challenged the GRCs that proper service delivery from management requires funds.

"University council is reluctant to sit with a student who has not paid or registered" she said.

She further added that this is the only way students can spearhead the fight for value for money after actually paying it, but not roasting univeristy administrators over services they have not paid for.

When asked about the incentives of paying tuition on time, Ayorekire, on behalf of management, said such students will be rewarded with secured internships placements, job recommendations, tokens, among others incentives.

But GRCs resolved that management should always be willing to listen to unique fees problems despite the delay in fees payment because it the policy was agreed upon by both the university and the students.

It should be remembered that a pro students new fees policy came in place after the indefinite suspension of the one that required students to pay 60 per cent of fees by the sixth week. The new policy requires students to clear 100 per cent of fees by the twelfth week.