Rubirizi youth leaders rise agaisnt increasing mob justice in the district

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Youth leaders in Rubirizi, home district for the Chief Justice Bart Katurebe, have finally come up with a document condemning the increasing acts of mob justice in the district.

The writing headed: “Statement from the youth leaders on the escalating levels of mob justice” was posted on Saturday January 14, 2017, on Rubirizi News Updates-a famous face book page.

This follows the incident of January 1 where two children were involved in a car accident and died on spot, forcing a group of yet to be identified youths to descended onto the driver and clobber him before burning the car to ashes.

Part of the document that was posted reads thus: “This is something our society must do away with. Our people especially the youth who are the majority must be taught to allow law to take its course.”

In a phone interview with Journalism@Mak, Anthony Bigirwa, the district youth chairman, condemned the act and asked the youth especially the boda boda riders to desist from the acts of mob justice.

 “We are trying to have this unlawful act end. I call upon all district leaders, police, politicians, religious and cultural leaders to come
together and fight this out for our better Rubirizi,” Bigirwa said.

However, Hon Cadet  Benjamin Buturo, the former member of parliament Bunyaruguru county (one of the counties of Rubirizi district), sighted media content as one of the causes of the increased acts of mob justice in the area, as it “changes” peoples’ behaviors.

“When people have no faith in their legal and societal systems, then they resort to mob justice…this can also be a manifestation of backwardness and permittivity of the society,” said Buturo, the now businessman.

Saidi Kanyankole, the NRM district publicity and Chairman LCI Kagando A (a village in Rubirizi district) told Journalism@Mak that this behavior is totally unaccepted in an area that wants to develop and police should defiantly deal with the perpetrators.

“I have been a taxi driver for about 34 years. People should know that like the name says, an accident is an accident and two wrongs cannot
solve anything. These boda boda guys are the ones that ride badly and when knocked down [they are] are the same people that suggest for mob [justice] and burning a car forgetting that people get loans to buy those cars,” said Kanyankole.