El Nino Rains Frustrate Katanga Residents

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The rains that started early morning today at around 06:00am left most of the residents in Katanga frustrated and “cursing the day they were born.” Traders, buyers, hawkers and many others were affected.

Katanga is one of the biggest slum areas in Kampala. It is located between Wandegeya and Mulago Hospital. The rains have continued to affect every business based in the slum area.

The heavy rain also paralyzed transport means as the murram road connecting the Bombo road to Mulago road was cut off by heavy running water and mud.

Besides what the vehicles were facing, the pedestrians faced the worst challenges. In jackets and jumpers with umbrellas, folding their pants, pedestrians were more disappointed by the careless drivers who croozed cars and vehicles splashing stagnant waters on them.

One of the pedestrians said that however much they are on foot, it does not mean that they don’t take them as poor and not Ugandans.

“why should they splash water on us, we are also Ugandans and you never know ,we can also buy at one time, drivers should behave in such instances” said a pedestrian.

Residents who are mostly business men and women were also cursing the heavy rains saying that since the rains started, their businesses have been totally affected and yet their families base on those small businesses for school fees and feeding.

However they applauded the government for the trenches constructed along the road but water still enter their residential, they are asking the government to look into that matter as early especially the incumbent NRM before 2016

“However much they constructed the trenches, water still enters our shops and houses and the road is muddy. Government should consider us before 2016 or else we vote it out” commented Jane one of the traders.