Makerere Minister Of Computer Technology Resigns, Accuses Guild President of Greed

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Yosam Bagumirabingi, the Makerere 82 guild minister of Research and Computer Technology shocked students yesterday when he submitted his letter of resignation from his position.

Bagumirabingi, which ironically translates to perseverance, failed to leave to the expectations of his name as be accused his boss Roy Ssemboga of greed for money and disrespect for his powers and office.

"Please accept this letter as a notification that I am resigning from my position... I would like my resignation to be effective as soon as  possible. Firstly your persistent and consistent arrogance coupled with lack of respect towards me and other ministers plus my proposals have crossed the Rubicon. Ever since you appointed me to this office, I have stomached public ridicule of me. Now I can't work under you effectively with this continued arrogance," reads his resignation letter in part.

He further adds: "Then also your over whelming desire for money has made me lose the passion of working under you. It has degenerated to such a level that even prioritise non-students to work as though they are ministers for research and computer technology. For avoidance of doubt, non- students are people who graduated long time."

Efforts to get a comment from Ssemboga were futile as his known numbers were off.

But Ssembonga's government is not new to these accusations and has been under fire for the one month it has been in existence. Just two weeks back, Ssemboga and all  GRCs at Makerere approved a budget of about Shs 127 million to cater for eats and drinks during their meetings.

Since then, his government has left a good number of students wondering whether he stands for serving the students' body or on a mission to fulfill his own personal desires.

The resignation letter has been copied to the guild prime minister, Dean of students, Vice chancellor and guild speaker.

Bagumirabingi was appointed to this position one month ago.

Updates on this story will be following soon.