Makerere Guild Boss Speaks Out On Minister's Resignation

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Makerere University guild president Roy Ssembogga, has today morning said the news of Yosam Bagumirabingi's resignation as minister of Research and Computer Technology is still rumours to him.

" As the person in charge of appointments and reshuffles, I haven't been served with a copy of the resignation." Ssemboga said.

He further explained that if at all he is served with this letter, he will announce the position of his government on this.

" I will cross the bridge when I reach there, he added.

In response to this, Bagumirabingi said he intentionally refused to send the letter to the Ssemboga because he wanted "to serve it to him in person".

Bagumirabingi also says he doesn't have any intentions of changing his mind about the resignation.

About the whatsapp screen shot that is making rounds on social media showing honourable Bagumirabingi requesting special money from the Ssemboga, the latter said it's not authentic.

"Perhaps he requested it from another president not me" Ssbomboga said. But in reaction to this, Bagumirabingi said this shot was cooked by the non students whom he talked about in his resignation letter.

Today morning, the university was a wash with news of Bagumirabingi's resignation. He claimed Ssemboga is greedy for money and disrespectful, a reason he can't work with him anymore.