Untold facts about the six-pack

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When the majority of people hear the word fit, the first thing that comes to their minds is a perfectly toned body like the Ciara type, and Dwayne Johnson's six-packed

But a question pops up in my mind: what about Jackie Chan's? I’ve never seen his six pack to be honest. But no one in the world would convince me that Jackie isn’t fit, like seriously, that guy can do a 360 splint hahaha if it even exists.

Any way my point here is that a fit body doesn’t necessarily have to be a six-packed one. One spends his entire life okay not like I kinda exaggerated there, but let’s say most of his time he is doing sit ups in the morning, evening, midnight and so forth. Yes that part is actually being fit, then he eats all the junk he can come up with during day.

Argument one: is he fit? Yes, he is fit but is he physically fit and healthy? So this furphy about being fit meaning being healthy doesn’t make sense to me. Bottom line is that fitness and health are like sibling: they have to go together.

I can be fit but not healthy. I could do the 180s but with loads of cholesterol on my heart since the heart doesn’t stop my legs from moving and stretching. So I'm fit but health wise I'm at zero. Why? The answer is simple; because I eat all the junk I come up with and when I do these few sit-ups, I feel like I'm super healthy and I can eat whatever I want, that’slike living in denial.

The majority usually focus on one. Fitness or health. A healthy person will not mind about fitness. Okay look, well a person living in denial, going to a gym or doing some cartoon workout is at least somehow like 4 per cent better than one who doesn’t do any at all. Now that one who doesn’t bother is likely to be super obese.

These people I usually see on TLC, one is too fat to walk and he has been bed ridden for practically 2 years and then he thinks hard and then he finally comes up with a decision and he is like: you know what, I need to lose weight! Remember this person weighs over 650 pounds, that’s like more than 200kgs.

After a long while of thinking he goes to reduce weight, guess where? To a hospital. He gets a gastric surgery. This surgery is to reduce on the size of the stomach to make you eat less than you have been consuming. It’s a whole painful process, believe me.

Most of these guys are from the United Kingdom. Any way I really don’t blame them. I mean their staple food is fries and pizza. With such a diet what would you expect. right? Ha-ha what about a gym that’s built in a mall? Worst destruction ever.

So you know how hungry you can get when you work out since you have technically burnt out all that you had in your tummy, so after a workout as you walk out of the gym, so hot and frazzled, and you are welcomed by this irresistible KFC aroma, hmmm yummy…dahhh you have a couple of Shs 50,000 notes in your wallet: why not have at least some fries and 3 pieces of that crazy yummy Kentucky fried chicken?

By the time you walk out, you have put back all that load of fat you had lost. You do the same thing tomorrow and again and again “nera nera nera”, before you know it, a month has passed. You are so proud you have worked out for a month but the weighing scale doesn’t seem to shift backwards, it’s more of a static number or ascending. The frustrated snaky nigga goes like, “six packs weren’t meant for us, no one in my family has them. You know what to hell with gym. I hate, hate, and hate working out. They don’t help.”

So depressed that he could even be put on Prozac for 2 years. So he believes he has no other option but to suck it up and deal with the weight. Anyway, back to the topic, what people should know about the six pack is that it doesn’t come in just one day. For example, a fat man weighing 200 pounds could do as many sit-ups, lunges, crunches to mention but a few, but trust me that poor man would never get that six pack he longs for. Those are just myths we have engraved in our brains.

I have been to a gym like never, but I see them on the television and there is no time I seen anyone doing a normal work out without including the one for abs. it’s like a necessity; It even stands out “THE ABS WORK-OUT” in bold letters Ab training is overrated. In gyms, I see more ab work than ANYTHING. I’ve seen 7 days ab training.

Seven freaking days. All abs. I’ve seen guys walk into a gym, do an hour of ab work and go back home. Entire DVDS have been made about ab training. And nobody seems to consider a workout complete without ab specific work. Everyone is training abs. Eveyone. Now I get it: there are things in this world more coveted than a shredded 6pack, but here’s the problem, we’re too fat for it to matter.

Look we have body fat right? Yes. so there is no way one would get the 6pack, 8pack respectively depending on which one you have without burning off the fat first. This is the truth; everybody was born with abs that’s the factual truth. But these sit under our belly fat and the two are not related. Fat is like one body mass distributed all over our body parts: the arms, the legs, the back etc. So, there is no way you can burn only one piece of fat that’s on your stomach, you have to burn fat from all over your body.

So better get that body up and start jogging, or do exercises that burn fat generally before you concentrate on working your abs and most importantly eating healthy as a must, you have to be gastronomic.

Nutrition is the foundation of leanness. Leanness is the foundation of a visible 6 pack. So if you want a rocking 6 pack the first and most fundamental step is a thoughtful nutrition plan. So burn that fat first, when it’s off then do your ab workouts within a couple months believe me your long covered ab right from birth will finally start surfacing. Yes it’s going to hurt for the first few days but you’ll definitely get over it, young bodies are amazingly resilient. So do not worry about the pain.

The next step after that is taking selfies. Show that 6pack, 8pack off! Well, with the number of packs depends on your body. It’s not a must that your packs have to look similar to Raphael’s or Jovan’s or any of your friends you know of. Some of us have 6 and others surprisingly have 8, some abs line up evenly, some don’t. Not a whole lot you can do about any of that except love it and embrace what your momma gave you.

So, do not break your spinal cord looking for Dwayne Johnson’s 8pack. The configuration of your pack is determined by genetics. So now that you know the secret to a six pack, let’s see them packs line up hommies.