South Sudan Closes Nimule Boarder, Thousands Blocked From Crossing To Uganda

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Thousands of refugees fleeing violence in South Sudan will have to wait a bit longer after their government ordered for the closure of land and air exits.

Among the blocked land exits is Nimule border that would bring about 50,000 internally displaced nationals into Uganda and neighboring countries.

To enforce this, troops have been deployed to block civilians
fleeing the war-torn Juba.

Deng Mawien, a migration officer, is quoted by a local Radio station,
Tamazuj, saying that they have not yet received an order from higher authorities to at Nimule boarder into Uganda.

He said that the boarder is overcrowded with very poor standards of living characterised by overcrowding in houses. "Some people are sleeping in the open, others in parking lots and
others are fighting migration officers to cross," he said.

Deng also said that the blockage has also affected his family as they have also been trapped at the boarder with no money to sustain the conditions there. "We came on Friday afternoon at about 3pm.
We were supposed to cross but we were delayed until they came and told us sorry, the border is closed and when we asked who closed
it, they said they have received directives from

Eugene Owusu, the Humanitarian coordinator for South Sudan said, in a press statement, that an
estimated 36,000 people were displaced at the
height of the fighting and 7,000 sought

However, humanitarian organizations have like UNHCR and Red cross, have gone ahead to do what they can to save the lives the lives of civilians.