Wandegeya Vendors Earn Big Through Small-Scale Business

Written by: 
Malomo Fatuma


Roadside vending is one of the most common activities traders engage in along Bombo road in Wandegeya. Approximately 85% of these people are women dealing in vegetables and fruits, including cabbages, pumpkins, cucumbers, bananas, oranges, avocado, among others.

This activity is carried out by the sellers who in front of places like Abii Clinic, Centenary Bank, and Hotloaf. The sellers sit targeting passers-by who are their customers.

The vegetables and fruits sold by these sellers are bought from Nakasero and Owino markets. According to Kyasimire Peace, who also sells vegetables here, she incurs Shs 5,000 for transporting a basket of vegetables from Nakasero Market to her home in Wandegeya, opposite Haruna Towers. She also spends Shs 1000 for transporting the vegetables from her home to her selling area.

The vendors start selling their vegetables from 7:00pm and this is due to the fear of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) enforcement officers, who carry out operations against vending, which is an illegal activity. The officers usually confiscate the merchandise of the vendors, and sometimes arrest them.

The other challenge these sellers face is that incase their vegetables are not sold off, they rot and the sellers incur losses. Rainy seasons are also a challenge to them, ince some of them are not able to work under rain. Competition is also an outstanding challenge, as more vendors try their luck in the trade.

Some sellers for example Nalukwago Mary and Tumusime Annet said since they are self-employed, they lack employee benefits and that they do not earn in case they fail to work.

Some of the sellers have been in this business for a long time, for example Kamule Anna, a 24 year old who has been doing this activity for over 10 years.

“I manage to pay my son’s school fees and also pay rent from the earnings I get from this activity,” Kamule explained. She adds that since she is a single mother, she cannot sit back at home doing nothing but rather to engage in something that enables her support her family.

However, as much as these sellers are able to earn a living from this activity, most of them have future  plans of joining the main markets in order to avoid their biggest challenge which is KCCA and by any chance to expand on their business by selling their items in large quantities.