The Other Side of CHUSS Building Renovation

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The renovation of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Building is becoming a threat to both the sanitation and safety of the students.

Getting to the building (Former Faculty of Arts), all you be welcomed by debris and rubbish everywhere. The debris is almost dispersed in each and every corner of the building. If you don't see the scattered materials, you at least meet their heaps along the way.

Broken parts of timber and heaps of poles are all around. Paint buckets and used jerry cans of paint are also observed thrown in some corners and on some ladders.

The renovation of the building started in mid-July and is expected to end in October. The entire building is under renovation with replacement of old tiles, repainting, among others.

According to the College Registrar, Vincent Ekwang, the process will also include removing broken furniture, and working on the walls and ceilings.

"We are now on the upper part; when we finish that we shall come into rooms then," he said.

Robert Omoding, the Chief Custodian confirmed that the issue of dort is going to be addressed as soon as the renovation ends. "The sanitation is not threatened in any way. This is a temporary problem because these people are doing the renovation work and once they are done, they will carry away the debris. At the end of the day the building is going to get a face lift," he adds.

The Deputy Principal of the College, Dr. Josephine Ahikire also promised to see the situation  get to normal as soon as the renovation ends.

"The work is still in progress, but when it is done all will be well," she told journalism@mak.

Patrick Ahimbisibwe, a second year student of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication expressed worry about the sanitation of the College and the nails that are fixed into some wood and some poles that are thrown anyhow.

Students and staff are at a risk of getting injured due to misplaced wood with nails and being hit by the debris, or tripping over it.