#SaveAbdul: Makerere Student Seeks Shs 3m For Tumour Surgery

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Abdul Mazinga, a fourth-year student of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University is in quest for Shs 2.5m for a tumor Surgery, which when left, doctors say, will degenerate into throat cancer.

Mazinga, who is supposed to graduate next year in January, may not make it to the graduation list for did not do his final course projects after spending the last half of the final semester in the hospital, undergoing a surgery which turned out to be unsuccessful. The surgerywas meant to treat a tumor on his salivary gland, which doctors now say should be treated immediately.

However, When Mazinga's family talked to Journalism@Mak about his condition, they said they have run bankrupt after spending all the money on the first operation which did not yield results.

"Doctors in Mengo hospital have diagnosed him with Pleomorphic adenomas. Any food or liquid and even saliva he attempts to swallow drips through a hole created by the first operation.

"The most common parotid tumor is a pleomorphic adenoma , also called a benign mixed tumor. Pleomorphic adenomas have been known to degenerate into cancers if they are neglected, hence the standard treatment for most parotid tumors is surgery. We are asking the public to make a donation to us and we save a life," said Derrick Ssenyonga, one of the fundraisers.

To help Abdul, send Mobile Money to number 0706074525 (registered in the names of Susan, a relative) or 0706067878 or 0771667878 (registered in the names of Senyonga Derrick . Please include your name as the reason.

Currently, Mazinga is in Mengo hospital where doctors told him I look for money and they operate him again.