Makerere closure: student leaders give govt last warning

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Makerere University Guild President Roy Ssembogga with his fellow student leaders have given government a two-day ultimatum to reopen the campus or they organise a one-million march to Parliament.

Speaking during a guild press conference held at Makerere university Guest house today at 10am, Ssembogga said the closure of the university deprived students of their right to education. He added that this is totally unfair for students who have fully paid their tuition but are held up in this situation.

"We are giving government not later than Wednesday or risk a march to Parliament on Thursday," Ssembogga warned.

He further noted that staff payments should be handled minus infringing on students' right to education.

"This closure not only deprived all Makerereans of their right to education, but also [right] to their hard earned finances paid in form of tuition fees," he reasoned.

He further noted that students have lost a lot of time, a burden which is only carried by them something that is totally unfair yet the staff and management, who according to him are the real problem, go un touched .

He requested the committee of inquiry to have student leaders on it but as well, reasoning that this committee can do its work with the students having their lectures going on normally. He said this would then protect the interests of even students which he says is simply education.

Abbasi Kizito, the information minister wondered why Makerere had to first be closed so as to solve it's problems yet government institutions such as UNRA, KCCA have never been shut.

Kizito said this should not be the best way to solve makerere woes which is an institution with a global audience and feel.
In unison with the GRCs and the entire guild at large, they therefore requested the government to reopen the university immediately.