How To Keep Long Distance Relationship Working With 4 Tips

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When we fall in love, our expectations are high on hanging out with our lovers, being close to them, among other things.

But it is heart breaking when you are at the full brim of your love joy and your partner tells you that they are going far for work and it is going to take some time when the two of you are apart. Frankly speaking, it's a horrible moment when you've to learn to live a long distance relationship.

A long distance relationship is no easy thing to deal with especially if it is your first experience. However the going of your lover does not mean the end of your love affair, but the beginning of another type of love. Where only your heart can feel the presence of your lover.

And the strength, love, trust and faith you have in your lover can help you over come the fear of a long distance relationship.

Now let's boldly look into the things that can keep you feel fully attached to your lover despite the long distance that seems to separate your two hearts.

In any relationship, Communication is very key. Contact each other everyday. This can be by calling, text messaging, video chatting and many other forms of communication.

A relationship without communication is not a relationship. This is because through communication, lovers can know about how they are, how they are feeling, amongst other things which keeps them the two emotionally close to each other despite thousands of miles between you.

But communication alone cannot be a master key in this, thinking positively has been tested by many and they swear it works. Don't think that because your lover is away, he or she is cheating on you. This thinking can make you lose trust and patience in your lover which may lead you to into feeling uncomfortable and you end up cheating on them.

Patience is another issue that can stay a long distance relationship. That calmness and hope that your lover will be back soon is all that matters for you to still feel his presence around. Try it, it works.

I'm sure we all know the power of prayer. A relationship which has God can not fail. Pray for your relationship and your lover so that God blesses them, keeping in mind that with God, everything is possible.

My dear lovebirds, your partner going away for work or studies abroad does not mean all is done, Just relax and do the needful. The fruits are sweet...