New Toilets in Central Teaching Facilities Excite Students

Written by: 
Sheila Atabua


Female students are flocking the clean toilets at the new Central Teaching Facilities to take selfies. The toilets are new and usually very clean, causing the students to take much time in them.

The young ladies at Makerere University are enjoying the privileges of having clean washrooms with beautiful lighting and mirrors.

The new buildings have very nice and beautiful mirrors and are good for selfies. Naiga Tracy, a student told journalism@mak that the toilets at these facilities are the cleanest.

The new toilets don't only favour the ladies but also the men who frequent these new washrooms because of the fragrant smell as well as the new state of the art hand dryers.

"The cleanliness of the toilet is good, but the inclusion is what I am most happy about. The new toilets for the disabled…," a student with disability commented.