BREAKING: Makerere Guild Prime minister resigns, Paralyzes Ssembogga government

Written by: 
Steven Mayombwe

Jotham Yamu Burobuto, the Makerere 82nd guild Prime minister has paralyzed the Roy Ssembogga government and consequently shocked the Makerere students' fraternity when he submitted his resignation letter dated January 5, 2017.

"I have ceased all responsibilities, duties and obligations pertaining the office of Prime minister as per the guild constitution from today, 5th January, 2017," reads part of his resignation letter.

Burobuto, whom Ssembogga oftenly refers to as his special advisor in capacity of Prime Minister, says there are numerous reasons behind his resignation.

"There are a number of fundamental reasons behind my resignation that I have preferred addressing to the guild president in confidence," Burobuto, who is also a former acting guild president, told Journalism at Mak.

He further said that he intends to graduate from student politics to national politics when his resignation is fully considered.

Burobuto has served Makerere in various capacities as President Makerere law society, Guild speaker of the 81st guild, and currently Guild Prime minister the position he has just resigned from.

It should however be remembered that such sudden resignations are not new to the Ssembogga government. Just a few months back, on October 8, 2016, Yosam Bagumirabingi, the ICT and research minister of the same government resigned his position sighting disrespect from his boss and continued interference of 'former students' in running of guild activities.

Bagumirabingi warned the president that many of his ministers were planning to resign, but Ssembogga took the warning lightly.

The resignation letter is copied to the Vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor, Dean of students, Guild President, Guild speaker and the deputy Prime minister.