Expectant mothers at Kawempe Referral Hospital fear for their lives as a result of the blood shortage at the hospital.


Under normal circumstance, the hospital bank must have 40 units of blood daily for emergencies but instead, a tour of their blood store revealed the hospital had only four units in their storage fridge.


How ‘Safe’ is that Boda Helmet?

A health expert has warned that unhygienic use of boda boda helmets could spread diseases such as tuberculosis and Hepatitis B.

Dr. Teddy Adero, from Kampala Family Clinic, says the helmets may protect the passenger in case of accidents, but that passing them on from one passenger to another without proper cleaning is a recipe for disaster. Dr Adero explains that Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B are some of the diseases that can be easily spread by sharing helmets.

Government Extends SAGE Scheme to Sheema


Government has launched the Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment (SAGE) programme in Sheema District, South-western Uganda.

SAGE is a government programme meant to support and empower older persons in Uganda to cope with their unique vulnerabilities. Under the programme, Uganda’s senior citizens (60 years and above) are each given 25,000/= (Twenty-five thousand shillings) per month to benefit them and their families.