Mak student develops application to detect crime

Students showcasing their application. source: Department of geomatics website
Written by: 
Clare Muhindo



A student of surveying at Makerere University has developed a web based system to document cases of crime across the country.

The application developed by Collin Ssesanga is a web based geographical information system that uses Google maps and satellite in locating crime hotspots and crime scenes.

The application enables the public to report cases to police. Once approved, police will be in charge of the website.

Members of the public will report crime in their vicinities to the website, before police detectives launch investigations.

According to Ssesanga, the application can be used by police, courts of law, and other security agencies for tracking crime.

“The website includes sections that track lost items, identify crime scenes, analyse crime data, and also provides statistical data on crime rates,” Ssesanga said.

Police will be able to analyze data on the website as it comes in and this will help in tracking the dangerous spots in the country.

Tourists and members of the public will be notified by police on the dangerous crime scenes as identified by the website.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga welcomed the idea, however he said that police will have to first study it and find out its functionality.

“We shall investigate it first to find out how we can regulate the information on the website and also ensure that we coordinate with the ICT department on issues of control of the website,” Enanga said.

The application was showcased over the weekend at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology of Makerere University.