Annoying Facts About Campus Girls

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Like every other society, there will always be a particular group of people who are just outright annoying. Makerere University is not an exception and here are some of the irritants.

Most girls at campus love free things! From free food, free clothes, free shoes, and free booze at parties to even free marks. It was so embarrassing to see how Sophie felt so worthless by the end of her party. There is nothing for free in this world, girls! It has and will always be a something for something business.

Then there is this category of girls who literally bargain their way through life. One could think that the first word their mother uttered to them after delivery was bargain. Every now and then I usually see girls properly dressed in official clothes bargaining with some boda-boda men. In most cases they want a discount of just 500shs. Girls wake up! These boda-boda men are not on vacation. They are here to work to feed their family.

There is another group of girls who dress up as though there is no tomorrow. There is no difference between their clothes for the day time and night time. From short skirts, hot pants to tight body leggings. I still vividly remember how campus girls went nuts when the mini-skirts bill was proposed in Parliament. It was as though a part of their body was cut off. These girls are no longer attractive to look at but rather disgusting!

We all remember the simile, “as slow as a snail.” However there are some girls on campus who have proved to be slower than the snails. You will find this kind of girls walking sluggishly along the pavements as though their fathers have shares in the University. One could think they are taking a stroll along the beach yet in reality they are on University grounds.

Lastly, there is this category of girls who are so addicted to music that they have to walk around the campus listening to it through their earphones. Surprisingly, these girls are usually in groups of five and they are all listening to music through their earphones instead of talking to each other. Girls, that’s just being anti-social! Just wait for the next silent disco night and show off your “cool” headsets.