Strikes Not a Sign of Makerere's Academic Collapse

Any shrewd mind has to bear in mind that a semester in Makerere is made up of four complete months, which means that those are 120 days of studying. In Makerere, demonstrations last for a maximum of 2 days. 120 days minus 2 days, there remains 118 days of serious studies. The question is: Do people accusing students of time wastage as themselves what students are doing in those days? Do they ask themselves?

Makerere Strike: Government Denying Poor Students Education

I commend the Gallant Makerereans not to give up, not to tire and not to be deterred. The 100%tuition policy is meant to torture and deny education to the poor students. If students couldn't afford the 60% tuition policy, what makes council think the students can afford the 100% tuition policy.

In 2011-2012, we fought the 60% policy, yes bullets were fired, students were arrested, majority were arrested and teargassed but we were not deterred because we know and fully understand that Education is not only for the rich.