An intense scandal that happened in the United Kingdom, 9,867 km from Uganda, sent waves across the journalism world with effects that are to be far reaching. The News International phone-hacking scandal was one involving News of the World and other British newspapers published by News International, a subsidiary of News Corporation. In 2011, it was found that one or more employees of these newspapers hacked into Milly Dowler’s phone (a murdered teenager) to get a story to run. This raised a public outcry against such an activity by the press.

New Department Building US Embassy have a long standing partnership

DJC and the US Embassy have a long standing partnership aimed at ensuring high quality teaching and training of students in the Department. In the past, the US embassy has supported the Department in staff development through the award of Fulbright scholarships for doctoral and masters studies, and short courses. Other support to DJC has been in the form of Fulbright visiting professors, previous book donations, facilitation of students’ work exhibitions and equipment for the Department-run radio, Campus Fm.See More