Basoga Win 2018 Makerere Cultural Gala

Makerere University Abasoga Nseete Students Association (BASOGA NSEETE) beat Baganda Nkobazambogo to emerge winners of the Makerere Annual Cultural Gala Festival, 2018.

Basoga Nseete scooped a total of 655 points taking the title from defending champions Nkobazambogo, who had 650 points. In third position was Kasese Makerere Students Association (KAMASA) with 640 points.

Heavy Rain Disrupts Mak Cultural Gala

A heavy rain disrupted activities on the first day of the cultural gala, held at University Hall.

Performances were stopped due to the heavy rain that poured in the middle of activities. Participants and spectators were seen running in search for shelter, which was not provided by the organizers.

Abraham Jesse Lukwago, a student of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication said it was unfortunate that it rained and disorganized the performances.

Hostels Reduce Prices Due to Students Opting for Rentals

A number of hostels in Makerere-Kikoni have reduced their room prices due to a big population of students abandoning them for rentals.

At the end of last academic year, hostels around Kikoni increased prices due to high demand by the students. But with time, students couldn't cope with new charges and decided to opt for rentals. Hostels like Kare, Dreamworld and Akwata Empola are among those that hiked their prices.