Makerere Releases Fresh Crucial Guidelines For Joining Students

Following delayed opening, the academic registrar Makerere University, Alfred Masikye-Namoah has released new guidelines for students joining on undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

According to -Masikye-Noamah, contrary to the usual 2-week orientation period, this time it will only be for four hours and on a single day.

"Orientation will take place on Friday Aug 26 from 9-1pm in the freedom square," he wrote in a communique sent to this website.

Masikye-Namoah added that respective colleges will have their orientation on Aug 26.

Makerere Officially Opens For 2016/2017 Academic Year


Following today's suspension of the strike by non-teaching staff, the Makerere Univerity Council has announced the official opening dates of the campus

The chairperson  university concil, Eng Dr Charles Wana-Etyem said that all students, both continuing and first years will report this coming weekend, and all the staff shoudl report to work immediately.

"First year students shall report on Saturday 20th Aug 2016; all continuing students shall report on 21st Aug 2016," Wana-Etyem said during a press conference at Makerere Univerity today.