Misconceptions on the University Undergraduate Gown

As we entered the lecture room, Harrison Okethchwinyu, a class mate of mine is dressed in a red gown, and at the entrance, the lecturer surprised asks whether there is a strike. That is when I get to learn that these red gowns are meant for trouble. But is it the real purpose of this undergraduate gown? If not, why would police be alerted when one puts it on while at Makerere University? Davidson Ndyabahika explores why people get paralyzed at the sight of anyone dressed in the red armless gown.

Why crime has taken Kikoni by storm

A couple of weeks back, Peninnah Kobusingye, a student at Makerere university was found dead in the bush after she was sexually abused by unidentified people. However, this seems to have fallen on deaf ears of students who are the main victims of insecurity around Kikoni.

According to Fred Olupot, an askari with Makerere International Hostel, insecurity in Kikoni is mainly due to students’ failure to cooperate with security organs.


How Writing My Booklet Serial Number Saved Me A Retake

I found myself writing it, reflexively. I did not know it was a holy action breaking a few rules in life until the day our first year second semester results were released and one of my course unit mark was missing.
There is that time when boredom knocks you down as you are sitting an exam. Perhaps you have finished before the actual exam time, or you do not have what to put down on your answer booklet. The situation is intense. All you are waiting for is the invigilator’s announcement to set you free. You are perhaps saying to yourself “I wish I had read earlier.”