Makerere University Calm As Admisistration Suspends Tuition Policy

Makerere University administrators yesterday held an emergency meeting where they extended the tuition payment deadline to the 12th week from the 6th week of the semester.

The guild president, H.E Bala David Bwiruka  said, "Gallant Makerereans, I am just from an emergency meeting with the IGP and the University administration. They have offered to suspend the tuition payment deadline to the 12th week, 2 weeks more than they had earlier extended it. It should be noted that this is just a temporary measure...”

Failed Negotiations Spark Fresh Riots at Makerere

A wave of fresh riots have swept across Makerere University yesterday night, after the University council and the guild president failed to agree on invalidating the controversial 100% tuition payment policy.

 The guild president, H.E Bala David Bwiruka, had earlier on communicated to students about the meeting where he promised students to engage, diplomatically, the university council and make sure the policy gets scrapped off as many students due to persisitent strikes.