Lumumba Minister Defends 'Rowdy' Culture

One of the student leaders in Lumumba Hall has said that the culture of vibrancy, assertiveness, courage and brotherhood that is sometimes perceived as vulgar and hooliganism is to stay.

Lumumba is one of the most popular residences inside Makerere University, but its students are often perceived as the most unruly and vulgar. They express themselves through their cultural songs, instigating strikes and their anthem which was plagiarized from the Buganda Kingdom.

Water crisis hits Mary Stuart Hall, toilets left un-flushed


MAKERERE- Water crisis has hit Makerere University’s magnificent girls’ hall Mary Stuart, causing jamming sanitation also risking residents’ health situation.  

When Journalism@mak visited the hall on Friday, our reporter found a deteriorated health situation as toilets are left unflushed causing them to stink.  

These constructions are currently taking place between Lumumba and Mary Stuart halls.

Makerere students launch ‘Wakanda shuttle’ to ease transport around University


A group of six students doing masters of Arts in Economic Policy Management have come up with a plan (Wakanda festyle) to offer organised transportation services within the university

Wakanda lifestyle will operate Wakanda branded shuttles that will move between two routes and will operate from 6:30am to 09:30pm on a daily basis targeting the general university students but especially the students.