Mak Guild Finance Minister in a 5million Corruption Scam.



Hon.kijjambu Michael, the finance minister of the 81st guild cabinet together with his boss Mr. Bala David allegedly swindled five million shillings that was supposed to cater for some expenses in this year’s Mak Varsity Awards project from Centenary bank.

Centenary bank, being part of the many sponsoring companies, promised five million Ugandan shillings to this project which was sent to the guild account on the 12th of October according to the bank’s statement.

Unanticipated Down Pour Causes Grambling Stomachs

Yesterday's lunch time heavy down pour left many students stranded without possible means of accessing their respective dining halls as many were seen stranded outside lecture rooms.

The down pour, which wasn't anticipated by many, started just at around 12:30 p.m, a time many be going for lunch and few had umbrellas something that left them stranded as they kept waiting for the 'indisciplined' rain to stop but in vain.