Report Lecturers Missing Classes - Prof Ddumba Asks Students


The vice chancellor of Makerere University, Prof John Ddumba-Ssentamu, has asked students to report to his office lecturers who are missing classes.

While speaking to Journalism@mak on phone, Prof Ddumba-Ssentamu said, as a vice chancellor, he will he will not spare any of the lecturers or instructors who perpetually dodge classes, once he receives their names.

EXCLUSIVE: Details Of Phone Call Between Makerere Guild President Ssemboga and Runner-Up Mwotta Leak.

After going through all the sorts, nobody would believe that the now guild president Roy Ssemboga would dream or wish to serve with his nemesis in the same government.

Surprisingly, we have learnt that the man has been proposing to give Bazil Mwotta, the first runner up, in the recently concluded 6 months polls, a juicy position in his cabinet.

On Saturday evening, the new guild boss, Ssemboga, picked his phone and called his defeated opponent Mwotta with an intent to give him a ministerial position such that they can serve the students fraternity together.

Makerere Vc to Striking Lecturers: No money For Incentives

Makerere University vice chancellor Prof John Ddumba-Ssentamu has appealed to striking academic staff to resume working, arguing that the university currently has no money to pay their incentives.

"As University management, we can't promise to pay this money now. We are waiting for government to help us. I appeal to all lecturers to be patient with us as we arrange to get their Incentive arrears," the economics professor said in a phone interview with Journalism@mak.