Limbless Katamba earns a living from repairing electronics

As the saying goes that disability is not inability, katamba Edward unfolds its realty. After realizing the challenges he would face as person with disability, katamba decided to utilize every opportunity in order to succeed. He used Shs.200,000 meant for his graduation party and started up his own business. Katamba has a certificate in electric wiring, owns an electronic workshop as well as a famous electrician in kikoni a suburb in Kampala.

No more meals in Halls, Varsity officials

Students will from August 2014 academic year start outsourcing meals from the outside catering services such as restaurants, the University Council has announced. According to a February 7th communiqué from the Dean’s office, no student will be getting meals from the halls. “As communicated to you at the end of last semester, the university is in the process of divesting itself from catering services to students. This will start at the beginning of semester one 2104 i.e.