Police issues crucial guidelines to Makerere students after university closure

Following yesterday's directive by President Museveni to have Makerere University closed indefinitely police have come out to give students guidelines to follow in this period.

While talking to the media after council meeting in the morning, IGP Kale kayihura thanked students for being co-operative, as they 'accepted' to leave their halls of residence without fighting with police. He also added that there was no other choice other than to have the institution closed.

Makerere teargas maker unveils five-year plan


Samuel Mugarura, the Makerere University chemistry student who made teargas and claims he can make bombs has now unveiled things he will be doing in a period of six years from now.

Mugarura, who has since been in the limelight, has so far met with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kale Kayihura, wrote to prime minister RuhakanaRugunda informing him about the innovation and also claims the president wants  to meet him.

But on top of all these meeting and several others to follow, the 23-year-old has today unveiled what he plans to do by 2021.

It's Possible To Start Business Without Money

Many people have remained  trapped in chains of dire poverty, nowadays, because they think starting a business is costly, writes SHIFRAH KAYAGA. However, talking to some milllionares in Kampala, a business can be started by any one with any amount of money, and it flourishes.

In most cases,  It’s not even the level of education that people have achieved, but even nature can be harnessed to ensure that one lives a splendid life, free of deprivation.